Riverside Spring Meet 4 Chattanooga, TN

Photos & Article by: Taylor Galster

The anticipation for show season is finally put to rest with the Riverside Spring Meet in Chattanooga, TN. This being the 4th consecutive year there is no lack of attraction for this show, everything from VIP builds to high horsepower race cars, Riverside definitely brings out the hottest cars from the east coast.


Despite the severe weather threat, there was an astonishing amount of people that showed up and showed their support for the Riverside staff. Luckily the weather cooperated and just made for a misty and cool day.


The amount of extremely well built high horsepower cars was overwhelming. Every corner of the show had fast cars that are ready for the track while also being show worthy. I have so much respect for these creators that have a view and the drive to make a beautiful finished product. The one build that stands out from the rest in this category was this wild FD RX7.

Owner: @willtet

The layout of the show, with the limited space of the First Tennessee Pavilion, is exceptionally well. Inside the pavilion were all vendors and booth cars displaying new products from companies. Surrounding the pavilion were the rest of the cars that applied and got accepted.

One of my favorite parts about todays car community is the variety and amount of style people put towards wheel choice. The car owners at Riverside did not miss a beat when it comes to crazy wheel setups.

Now for the Showstopper, walking into the show and hearing from a friend, “Yo you see the bagged Ferrari?” definitely got my blood pumping. Then walking over and seeing this gem made mine and just about every other enthusiasts day.

Owner: @rariboix

Massive thanks to the people over at Riverside for their hospitalitly and for putting on an absolutely amazing show. Cant wait for next year!


Photos by: @tgalster.photo