Battle of the Bluegrass 2019 Louisville, KY


With summer starting to heat up, show season is in full swing. On this weekend in particular I could name about 5 major shows going on in the Midwest and Southeast alone. Living in TN, I was right in the middle of all these shows and it was to hard to make a decision on which to attend. I could drive 8 hours to Chicago which unfortunately guaranteed rain for the Sunday of Wekfest, or I could even drive 12 hours to West Palm Beach for Stancenation. While planning on what show to attend I remebered hearing about an event called Battle of the Bluegrass that was the same weekend and was only a 2.5 hour drive. I didn’t know much about the event or if it would even be worth going but all my doubts were put to rest as soon as I arrived at the show.


If there is one thing that BOTB surprised me with, its the amount of diversity among cars. I did not expect to see several “lowriders” in this show but they topped off the cake for me in this event.

The attention to detail in these cars in unmatched. Whether its paint, interior, or even engine bay modifications, these owners go above and beyond to make sure the overall execution is perfect.

I acutally got the chance to chat with one of the owners of these cars and we shared nothing but positive thoughts towards each others build styles. “Man as long as its on the ground I love it”, he stated, only good vibes from these guys! I was super pleased that one of the lowriders actually won best of show in a show full of stance and race insipred cars. Huge props to the staff at BOTB for understanding the amount of work goes into these builds. It is reassuring because seeing this style that was popular 20+ years ago can still come out on top and is respected in the scene of big camber and tight fitment. You will rarely find someone who is into stance who doesn’t appreciate these lowrider builds, in my opinion, they are a huge reason the stance culture exists today.

My build spotlight definitely goes to Braden Falkingham (@2inch.slanger) and his incredible STI. BOTB was his debut with the new setup and I think it is safe to say it is one of the most unique STI’s aesthetically.

Enough rambling, you came here to see coverage so here ya go!

Lastly, a huge thank you to the team at Battle of the Bluegrass! What an amazing show, cant wait to see whats in store for next year!

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Riverside Spring Meet 4 Chattanooga, TN

Photos & Article by: Taylor Galster

The anticipation for show season is finally put to rest with the Riverside Spring Meet in Chattanooga, TN. This being the 4th consecutive year there is no lack of attraction for this show, everything from VIP builds to high horsepower race cars, Riverside definitely brings out the hottest cars from the east coast.


Despite the severe weather threat, there was an astonishing amount of people that showed up and showed their support for the Riverside staff. Luckily the weather cooperated and just made for a misty and cool day.


The amount of extremely well built high horsepower cars was overwhelming. Every corner of the show had fast cars that are ready for the track while also being show worthy. I have so much respect for these creators that have a view and the drive to make a beautiful finished product. The one build that stands out from the rest in this category was this wild FD RX7.

Owner: @willtet

The layout of the show, with the limited space of the First Tennessee Pavilion, is exceptionally well. Inside the pavilion were all vendors and booth cars displaying new products from companies. Surrounding the pavilion were the rest of the cars that applied and got accepted.

One of my favorite parts about todays car community is the variety and amount of style people put towards wheel choice. The car owners at Riverside did not miss a beat when it comes to crazy wheel setups.

Now for the Showstopper, walking into the show and hearing from a friend, “Yo you see the bagged Ferrari?” definitely got my blood pumping. Then walking over and seeing this gem made mine and just about every other enthusiasts day.

Owner: @rariboix

Massive thanks to the people over at Riverside for their hospitalitly and for putting on an absolutely amazing show. Cant wait for next year!


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SlammedEnuff's Stoopicold 2019


Every year SlammedEnuff puts on a notorious event, mid winter, called STOOPICOLD. If you’re familiar with the event, then you know that in the past it has been held in a airplane hanger at the Millington Airforce Base in Tennessee. This year, the SE team decided to spice things up and host the event at the well known Memphis International Raceway!

Owner: Jake Sherbno

Owner: Jake Sherbno

Car enthusiasts travel from all over for this gathering and some would say that it is a “must hit” modified vehicle event. For example, Charlie Schlieve Jr. & Manny Galea both traveled over 20 hours round trip. These two owners hail from Wisconsin & Canada.

This event gives builders an opportunity to showcase what they’ve been working on for the better half of winter.

— SlammedEnuff
Mid driver roll-in by Taylor Galster

Mid driver roll-in by Taylor Galster

Against the poor weather conditions, enthusiasts show no remorse to drop everything to make it a priority to come out and display what they’ve poured their passion into.

One thing that Taylor and I (Josh) really appreciated at this event was the diversity between the builds

Every event that SE hosts concludes with a builder appreciation award ceremony. For this particular event there were even a few cash prizes being awarded.

If you’d like to view all high quality photos and coverage by Taylor, just click here!

SlammedEnuff's Back To the Roots - Nashville

Granted AutoMotion was the previous weekend, Vaded packed their bags once again and traveled to Tennessee to SlammedEnuff's Back To the roots car meet. This meet was genuine and fun, nothing but good vibes, low car limbo contests, and loud exhaust decimals!

After work Friday, Jennifer and I loaded up our truck with Vaded merchandise and our bags then we hit the road to Nashville, TN. We had a four-hour drive which was the shortest of all our members that went. Coming off a 14 hour ‘round trip drive to auto motion last weekend, it was nice to have my favorite person as a copilot to keep me company. We hit a little rain but aside from that it was smooth sailing!

Jen and I were the second group to arrive at the house Friday. We pulled up to good vibes and a warm greeting by the Vaded Fam.

Once everyone arrived we immediately went to an awesome taco spot called Bartaco for food and drinks. After that we stumbled across a cupcake ATM outside of Sprinkles Cupcakes, which was nothing short of amazing.

From there we walked back to house and relaxed - Connor did his notorious Fast and Furious impersonations and Jon Paul showed us magic tricks.

The girls had a few glasses of wine, while the guys got down on some pong.

Saturday was the day of the meet. Connor and the guys went and got some breakfast for everyone and kindly brought it back. After we got some food in us we went straight to the TitanStadium and started setting up the Vaded Mob booth.

I always count my blessings at these events as I’m surrounded by an amazing team that always help me set up and run the booth. None of this goes unnoticed so a special thank you to all of you who get up extra early to lend a hand!

Once we set up our vendor booth we ventured out to check out the vehicles at the meet! After having so much fun with my AutoMotion coverage, I couldn’t wait to get back behind the lens and shoot some cars. Paige and the guys took turns running the booth to give everyone a chance to venture off and checkout the scene!

What’s a car meet without a low car limbo contest?

After the limbo contest the SlammedEnuff crew organized an exhaust contest which was absolutely bonkers!

Once the meet ended we all took a much needed nap and then hit up Edley’s BBQ for some pulled pork. From there we went to Francis’ beautiful house to kick it with the Stature crew. After the pong tourney we played a 25 person flippy cup game which was hype! The game led to a friendly bet which resulted in an event collaboration with the Vaded Mob and the SlammedEnuff crew. Details will be announced mid June.

Come Sunday, we went to a brunch spot called Fenwicks 300 for breakfast. Fenwick’s provided a plate that will go down in history as top 5 greatest “eat with jody” meal and to date. If any of you follow me on Snapchat or IG, you know that I love food and even more so love the company.

-Special Thanks-

The SlammedEnuff crew for putting on another awesome event for the books. I can’t help to think that after each event that these guys put on I end up telling myself that it’s my new favorite.

At automotion I touched up on my camera skills with pointers from my close friends Jasper Gustafsson and Nick Stefanski. Fast forward to the BTTR weekend, I took advantage of being around Brandon Deuster as he fed me some of his photography knowledge! I can’t thank the three of you enough!

A very special thank you to Chris Drake for being the back end of our website.

Lastly but definitely not least, thank you to my Vaded Mob Fam for everything that you guys do to!

Full coverage can be found here